I have a lot of trouble coping with the hopelessness brought on by Depression, does anyone have tips?


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  • IllMermaid


    Working out helps me (I have to dig really deep to find the motivation to actually do it) but when a depressive episode starts I work out and it lessens it. Therapy (for me mostly therapy) and the right medication can also help greatly. Prayers!

    • slommy


      ah, working out is pretty difficult because when i get into a depressive episode it's usually accompanied by paralysis... i can try though, thank you. i am in therapy and on medication, the mental healthcare in my area just isn't excellent

      • packersfan95


        i’m the same way! it’s like i’m in this frozen state and I can’t move. I have found that doing even just 10 minutes of an at home workout helps; that way i’m not making this big mental commitment to doing anything but afterwards I still feel better that I did something and got moving.

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