I’m worried that my mass could be cancer, I can’t seem to make it to a doctors appointment & I am overwhelmed.
Any symptoms that breast cancer entails?

Chest pain

Lump or mass in breast

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  • JCD


    I've had a lump for a few months now. Due to no insurance and working in a different state created some struggles. I try not to let it stress me out. However it's always there, that lump under my nipple and it's the size of I'd say a half dollar coin. I have an gyn appointment in a few weeks. I want to just surgically remove it. Prayers for all

  • Ms.Wickstrom


    I've had a lump in my breast since 2016 with sharp pain that has steadily gotten worse. Sometimes it gets worse with caffeine use and sometimes it gets worse close to my period but not always. My circumstances don't allow me to get it checked out and as scared as I am, I don't have the money, insurance or familial support that I need. I wish there was a grant or fund that would somehow let women get the healthcare we need without worrying about money. I can't afford it so do I just get to suffer and possibly die? I wish there was a better way.

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