My doctor is trying to get me on some new medication but I don't want to take it. When I take medicine I become a robot and my thoughts become regulated by the doctor and they know everything about me. I don't want to lose my thoughts and feelings over this, it happens every time.



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  • bunnimin


    Nothing will change you . The real you . Plus taking a med for a short time will only make you feel funny shorty . After awhile the effects that you described will subside and you be able to work around the drug to be you again just with a different light on things . I was scared of the same thing to . But I didn't realize change in the meds till the older I got . I take alot but I still deal with many symptoms of my mental illnesses . You should Google the drug and find out about it much as you can . But remember that the feeling funny etc will go away over time . If this is not the case with you then I would consider talking vitamin therapy with them . Maybe high doses of vitamins will help you . ?

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