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Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • MeeB333


    Have you ever tried meditation? The goal is not actually to have a “silent” mind, but, rather, to allow the thoughts & feelings to flow through your mind without allowing them to dwell or dominate your thoughts. Training yourself to do this can really help to reduce your emotional reactiveness to them, &, thereby, “quieting” your mind, as they are acknowledged, but not given the chance to take over. A lot of people give up on trying meditation because they imagine some sort of divine blissful state of enlightenment, & they get frustrated when they realize they aren’t achieving this state of nirvana. But, meditation, at first at least, isn’t about this misconception. People are oftentimes very uncomfortable sitting alone with their own thoughts & feelings, so they become really disconnected from themselves & extremely overwhelmed living in their own heads. If U can sit with those thoughts & feelings, and just let them flow passed, on to the next, U break the emotional hold they have over U, allowing YOU to take control of your own reactions. Keeping a steady, deep & even pattern of breaths while you experience this re-trains your brain to stay calmer & not to react to everything passing through ur mind like it’s an alarming emergency to freak out over. I hope this helps! Good Luck!! 🍀💜💚

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