Today should be fun. I get to see the neurologist to help figure out why after taking out my brain tumor, putting in a VP shunt, and putting me on preventative meds, I still get horrible headaches.

Shunt Brain to Peritoneum




Topamax • Type: Oral


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  • Tamimom52


    I hope you get the help you need.I get a steroid injection in my neck.I Also take topiramat and I still get horrible headaches. But my doctor says because have stress in my life I will always get headaches. Which why should I take this medication if it is not helping me at all.

    • BraeburnGirl


      lol, we will always have stress in our lives. Don’t you think we deserve to live without debilitating headaches? The doctor and I decided to up my Topamax dose and switch to a different triptan, so that’s the current plan. Let’s see how it goes!

  • celestite


    best advice is come off topirimate and change, when i was on topirimate it made my migraines more frequent and worse as well as horrible side effects. i was on 150mg daily. worst drug ever, i’m on amitriptyline now which is amazing had only 3 migraines in the past 4 years i’ve been taking it!

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