How well do mobility aids help manage fatigue and fibro? Which are best? I’m investing in a cane but idk how well it’ll be since my wrist joints are in a lot of pain often.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I personally love my cane. You might want a wrist stabiliser to help you not twist or put too much pressure on your wrist starting off, since we don’t want you in more wrist pain. A walker that has a seat option is great too. That way your weight is evenly distributed and you can stop and sit whenever you get fatigued. I also have a wheelchair but that is more for POTS since I can’t go shopping or standing/walking for distances without falling or blocking out. A cane helps me slow down and pace myself too. Which one is best depends on personal preference. I think a cane is the best to start with personally

  • Averyram


    Talk to your doctor about getting a temporary handicap pass. Wheel chairs, and walkers are very helpful as well. Try compression clothes they really help. Get one of those leg massagers that the give you for blood clots.

  • PondWater


    i’m walking with a cane right now, it does help me slow down but i’m not sure it helps with pain. i may not be using it correctly but i end up with one hip bothering me more than the other. i’m considering getting a walker w/seat but i’m not sure it’s worth it

  • Miffy


    I got a motorized wheelchair after battling internalized ableism over it and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made. I take it if i know I’ll be walking for more than ten minutes and it’s saved me so much pain

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