Hi friends! Does anyone feel worse after even getting a little bit of blood drawn? Like really tired and I’m a lot of pain? I got literally one vial done today for a test and I am completely wiped out. Also any tips for feeling better? This is seriously pissing me off. I just want to feel better and I feel like improving my feelings on days like this would be a good first stop. I just need to know that someone else also has this issue. Please tell me il not an alien.

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  • princessbun


    No definitely happens to me too! I hate it. The only thing that helps me is eating some really good and filling food like a hearty soup, curry, or stir fry with lots of added sea salt! I also drink a ton of water beforehand with mineral supplement (I use Concentrace trace mineral drops- you can get them on amazon!) Also dm me if you want my pinterest info I have a board with lots of healthy comfort food on there for after medical procedures when you are feeling down😊

    • Erinnewbold


      Thank you! I usually do try to do that but I had a three hour drive to my appointment and got blindsided by this test. I felt ok for a few hours and than just a few hours ago started to crash

  • MooPigeon


    Yes! Even with only two vials I was completely destroyed. My heart rate was off the charts for the rest of the day. It was terrible

  • Entropyluna


    I've only had blood drawn a couple of times, but it knocks me on my ass every single time. I definitely agree with eating something pretty heavy, and make sure that you're drinking lots and lots of water. Or, if you're like me and can't drink plain water, literally any liquid will work. As long as you're staying hydrated. Sprite and ginger ale are great if you have an upset stomach

  • GlutenFreeGirlie


    I've blacked out after one vial. Once they took five before I was diagnosed and I didn't wake up for an hour. They nearly did a blood transfusion ❤️

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