hello! i just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia after suspecting i might have it for a couple of years. i also deal with chronic migraines, manic depressive disorder and anxiety. i’m in the process of renewing my fmla for my migraines, but does anyone here know if there are any other protections/benefits for my fibro? i work from home but there are days i’m so exhausted and in pain that it’s hard to get up and sit at my desk all day. (side note i’m doing my best to not put myself down for not being able to work even if it’s not a physically demanding job). i live in california and even though my wife makes double the amount of money i do we simply couldn’t afford living on one income, so i get really nervous and stressed when i have to miss work.

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  • Brie13


    I found out recently that a lot of the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia can flare up due to stress. My ADHD and OCD were feeding into each other and caused my anxiety and depression. Adding chronic pain and fatigue to that made it worse. Sometimes doctors fail to see or even investigate the WHY when we feel these ways emotionally. Then they prescribe you a medication really just for the diagnoses caused by a bigger issue. It’s like putting a Bandaid over a gushing wound. It may alleviate but will never really stop the vicious cycle.

  • LadyBlkny


    I don't know about you, but I've learned that both my fibro and my migraines have environmental and food triggers. Learn to listen to your body. Some foods are not worth the next day's pain, or are going to have to be when you can save up for the rest time. Strong weather fronts can trigger some people too. It is slow going, but you'll find your balance. Hang in there fellow CA dude! (I say in the old-school, gender-neutral form)

  • Brie13



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