I naturally have low blood pressure and I’m taking some psych meds that make it even lower. Any ideas or remedies I can use to help me deal with symptoms like cold limbs and dizziness?


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  • Andib


    Told my psych about having the same issue so had them taken off

  • Tired247


    Exercise, walk around a lot, maybe jog in place, just get your body moving even for a small bit.

  • beingnotseeming


    I have POTS and compression socks help me regulate my blood pressure better. Not sure if it’ll help in your case but figured I’d throw it out there. If it’s a significant problem I’d consider changing meds. One of the meds I tried lowered my blood pressure so much I couldn’t really be upright so stopped that one ASAP.

  • Beach_Gal


    When my blood pressure drops I eat salty things, like potato chips, saltine crackers also coffee or caffeine drinks !

  • hiphop5554


    I would suggest talking to your doctor about putting you on a med that raises your blood pressure. My mom used to be on one of those and it helped a lot

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