I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction due to constantly clenching my body from chronic pain. Has anyone gone to pelvic floor therapy for their pain? If so, have you seen improvements?


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  • emilyo


    I have tried pelvic floor therapy multiple times! I also have pelvic floor dysfunction (and possible endo-too young to have the surgery) but it definitely takes time to see any improvements (if you have any). i struggled to see any improvements for months and i saw a few (before my insurance cut it off) but i did start again in the beginning of the year and i will say that i did feel more relaxed at times and my muscles weren’t as tight. you have to be able to keep up with it( i couldn’t really do that due to my crazy schedule) it definitely take some patience. 💕💕 hope all is well.

  • CherryBunny


    A little late to reply but I also have pelvic floor dysfunction (as well as endo). I’ve been to a wonderful pelvic floor therapist 2-3 years ago and honestly it made a big difference for me. I still do my stretches and use my dilators - especially when I start flaring - and can’t recommend it enough. It does take time and persistence but it’s worth it.

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