Has anyone had one ovary removed?

Ovarian Cyst

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  • Betaleonis


    I would never get my overy removed. I am sorry this happened to you. I changed my diet almost 20years ago to prevent having to need any type of major surgery. I no longer eat red meat or most types of dairy I only eat vegan ice cream and use only vegan milks No canned food whatsoever (only canned coconut milk) Only FRESH produce. And olive oil, mainly You should consider this regardless of of the stage you're in

  • mizz.millz


    I'm one year post op after finding a cyst was cancerous. It exploded and was stage 1c, nearly stage two.

  • Lilbit49


    Yes my left one. Had no choice it had died and tourqued around my small intestine. So now a large cyst has developed. Trying to figure out location & why its there?

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