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I’m joining Alike to meet others who have found success with a gluten free lifestyle and also managing anxiety and insomnia - the vicious cycle.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Celiac Disease


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  • Christian_Karate_Mom


    I am not gluten free that I know of but I am well aware of the anxiety and insomnia routine!!! It’s horrible but my son and I deal with this!!!

  • Feather


    Hey there. I was diagnosed with celiac disease and have been gluten free for almost 12 years. Cutting gluten out was a life changer. It’s hard but doable. I am also a long time suffer of anxiety and insomnia. Feel free to message me if you have an questions or wanna chat.

  • Beach_Gal


    Anxiety runs in my family, sister, aunts, nieces too. I’ve been listening to Eckhart Tolle on UTube and it really is helping me. I tend to worry to much and if we can stay in the present moment .. NOW, it can help some, it’s really hard to do sometimes, but I hope I can get better at it.

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