My bad mental health support stories continue 😅

I was speaking to a mental health nurse at my local surgery about renewing antidepressants. Convo was going well until I mentioned my executive dysfunction symptoms.

I haven’t brushed my teeth in the last couple of months let alone leave the house or look after any other part of life and this sent the conversation spiralling.

She asked “doesn’t your mouth just feel disgusting all the time” “hasn’t your boyfriend mentioned anything” “it isn’t difficult it only takes 2 minutes”

All of this along with saying antidepressants won’t help me to do these things.


I filed an extensive report to my GP to get this seen to. I’m sick and tired of health professionals judging their patients for something they are actively trying to fix. Why else would I be in therapy for years, signing up for my uni’s disability service, starting anti depressants again if I didn’t want to improve my current situation??

I don’t need to be told by a woman I’ve spoken to on the phone for 10 minutes that I’m a disgusting person - I am more than aware and it has become a self fulfilling prophecy.


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executive dysfunction

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