Anyone else struggle with extreme worry about having a heart attack/stroke/aneurysm/blood clot/some internal organ rupturing (basically any major health event) on a daily basis that it’s so miserable? Anything work for you to help ease these worries? I’ve had this basically my entire life. I kind of just get through day to day with a lot of external reassurance but I want to be more independent.

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  • CourageGurl1219


    Just listen to your body, if something feels off go to the doctor. But other than that try to focus on something else. Don’t read anything about these topics.

  • SoraSora


    That is very sound and good advice. Unfortunately listening to my body has ended me up at the doctors and in the ED so many times when it was anxiety or some sort of benign thing (every month. Sometimes several times) because I feel like I’m dying. I think focusing elsewhere is the best option. Though it can get difficult when you are having a panic attack. You’re definitely right reading about that stuff just makes it worse— will definitely stay away from that even if it’s hard!

  • Mamalaur


    Wow I can relate to this so much. So many horrible things medically have happened to those around me and I’ve grown such a huge fear of it happening to me.. Although I’ve noticed my anxiety of these things happening to me have created such a miserable way of living for me. I’m in the ER every single month sometimes every other week, all because of my fears that I’m dying. I’ve learned that our minds are way too powerful it’s scary. I can literally make a problem out of nothing. Every single hospital visit I’m told that I’m healthy and I refuse to believe it most of the time because I can’t believe anxiety could cause all of these horrible feelings. I struggle every single day just to have some what of a good day and life shouldn’t be like this.

  • moonbunnie


    ahhh this is a very relatable post :c i thought i was the only one who went through stuff like this !! my best advice to just distract yourself until the feeling passes. the frantic googling of symptoms or reading up on stuff your brain tricks u into being like “hey guess what this is happening” is so stressful so i totally understand. when that happens i like to watch some videos or chat with my boyfriend to keep my mind on something else :c i wish u good luck in your journey with this and hope you can find something that helps soon!! 💞

  • Hb1989


    Therapy and meds. External reassurance seeking is a common compulsion seen in OCD. It may provide an immediate relief from the anxiety but makes it worse over time. Also could be Illness Anxiety Disorder. Exposure therapy, CBT, and DBT in conjunction with the right meds is the gold standard for treatment. But you have to be committed to practicing the skills outside of therapy sessions for it to truly work!

  • ScienceFungi


    Hi I dont experience what you're speaking of regularly, but it sounds like something called health anxiety. I really really recommend finding a therapist. Once you find the right one, it can be life changing.

  • SoraSora


    Just a little more context— I have had severe, crippling health anxiety since about preschool and I have been in therapy since I was 8 years old (off and on, albeit, but I have spent many years speaking to therapists and my entire life being introspective.) I am aware of what it is I am just curious if anyone else experiences similar things. For those of you who do; I am so sorry. I think this is a really great platform and we could help each other out a lot. Some days are better than others, I know, but regardless I think we will be okay and can maybe lean on each other in those times of need.

  • MoonRiver


    Literally 24/7. To piggyback off of a previous commenter, I experience this constantly and I have also been diagnosed with OCD as well as health anxiety. I am also still searching for a way to handle these symptoms because I still struggle with it despite therapy.

  • Scorpiochic


    I deal with this almost every day of my life I actually feel real physical feelings and go to doctor and they only tell me all your labs and test and everything are fine - there was one time something was really wrong and I had a anal fistula.. and had to have surgery which was the hardest thing I feel like I’ve ever done .. I don’t trust medicine I don’t like medicine and I was scared to be put under …. Now soon I have to have my second surgery- but I am always at the doctor because I feel sick everyday and it’s all mental most of the time … some days I feel like I just can’t do it anymore

  • Deigh


    I’m like this all the time especially with Covid and having had Covid in April so I understand I started doing the tapping technique I looked it up on YouTube and it has really helped

  • CinderellaUmbrella


    Talk therapy is the best. Telling yourself that those are intrusive thoughts and you don’t have control over what you are worrying about. They are out of your hands.

  • whatsherface


    I recently discovered the Three Principles through a tiktoker, peacefromwithin. That's helped me w my health anxiety recently.

  • Peachycat


    Yes I have dealt with this all my life, too! Therapy helped me the most. I haven’t done ERP yet (I will soon for OCD) but through CBT I found a lot of relief when we would go through exercises that would uncover the “worst” of a situation. Basically after some time I learned that what will happen will happen, and my worry started to diminish. Though I’m still very nervous about these things, therapy helped make it not debilitating

  • Tommy


    I feel so much better that I’m not the only one who feels like this, but I don’t want you to go through it either. I’ve been dealing with anxiety since this past month on December 2nd. My first attack was then. And ever since then, I deal with those thoughts. Every. Single. Dayyyy!! I have yet to go see a therapist because I’m still in the works of looking for one trying to juggle work and everything beyond that. I worry that I may have a heart attack, a stroke, or like you said, any major health event. So I wish I could give you more helpful words for this. Because this is still fairly new to me and want to get more help myself. Good bless you and you’re not alone even though you may feel like it. 🙏🏼

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