hello. I am here to find people like me. I suffer from moderate asthma, left branch bundle blockage, arthritis, and menorrhagia. I am also interested in losing weight and eating healthier. it's nice to meet you

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    Hello!! Glad your here! You will definitely find alot of help from this community. I have an incomplete right bundle branch blockage and super severe periods. I'm not educated about the Left Branch Bundle Blockage but I have had some recent success with painful and heavy periods. I have recently tried going completely dairy free to help treat severe pain and bleeding from my period, to my surprise, it's working. I have tried this on and off for about 6 months now and I can tell that when I consume dairy, my periods are much much more severe. I also started taking Selinium and Magnesium consistently and it has helped some too. I hope this helps a little. Hope you find some useful information here on Alike! 🤗

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