hiya everyone just joined here hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and hopes this site helps us all help each other x

Tietze's disease


Fibromyalgia (FM)


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  • McNeil


    Hey how is your day coming, I truly hope that you find lots of alike conversations on here we all are in similar situation and if we can encourage each other that’s half the battle. Knowing that some one is going through it just like you makes you feel you are not alone. Fybromyalgia I’ve had it over 20 plus years before it was classified as that. Battling Osteoarthritis in Both Knees they are worse than fybromyalgia to me But you know what I still want complain. I’m ok now enough to encourage someone else to be an encouragement to others we are all going through… 💕 🤗 hope you enjoy this alike app. So many helpful alikers who are so helpful so here . Be Blessed.

    • mandy74


      thank you and its nice to actually meet others like myself I love helping others to

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