i got diagnosed a month ago, but been feeling symptoms since August, my 2nd week of family vacation in a 3rd world country visiting my boyfriend's father, i was told drinking the water was bad, so i drank from the plastic bottles, but i rinse my mouth with sink water, and ate at local resturaunts it wasnt a tourist place either it was the country side. Im stressing out because i have to take like 16 pills (in total) daily at different times for 14 days, so far it literally giving me depression i feel to focused on pills, the times i have to take it and what if something in my stomach goes wrong, it my 2nd day and i seriously cant do anything else with my time but worry about the pills and taking so many a day scared me, so far the reaction is just bloated and stomachache and i dont feel hungry.

Abdomen & Pelvis Pain

Helicobacter pylori infection

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  • Honeyluv1


    How do you feel now ? Did it go away with all the medication?

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