I don't know how to make friends. Half of me wants friends, and the other half of me doesn't. I feel like when I do make "friends" I expect to appreciate me the way I appreciate them, but I never get that. Am I too much? I feel so lonely.

Social Anxiety

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  • LadyZephyr


    Same... Its so hard to maintain friendships when it feels so one-sided. Idk if its a "love language" but I find joy in giving and pampering others but also crave the same for myself but I dont have any friends that treat me the same as i treat them... I only have a few friends I talk to online but they live so far away and I dont have anyone who lives near me I would call a friend either... If there was a way i could find "like minded people in my area" id totally go for it but i have no idea where to start...

    • cielonu


      THIS! And then when I want to start, I get to nervous.

      • LadyZephyr


        oh gosh me too... I tried to respond to a lady on my local moms Facebook page to meet up but it turns out she wasnt a real person and im so lucky no one showed up. That experience gave me so much anxiety to reach out again to the same Facebook group but its either that one or the "ladies league" which is all busy body wife types who im not sure I'll mesh with so why bother...

  • bugger


    I relate to this so much. I try reaching out to people over periods of time and it usually starts out good, but then I finally see that it's not a healthy relationship. I think people see me too much as laid back and kind, I get used so often. I wish there was a way to not be so oblivious to everyone's actions toward me. Maybe I'd see it coming before I got hurt.

  • LaveLavender10


    Same here, everytime that I try to make friends I just can't because of how bad my anxiety is, even when anyone tried to help it was still too hard to do. I can also relate to having friends in the past that didn't appreciate me as much as I did for them, so I guess my advice is to find people who actually appreciate you equally instead of not giving you any at all. The people that don't aren't worth it and it's better to find people who will.

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