To all my fellow autistic dearies out there, how's your friendships and social life going?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • finncuiss


    It's been alright! Tho I'm struggling to understand some of the topics my friends are interested in recently lol

  • differentnotless


    I honestly have trouble maintaining friendships. I try, but talking to people and knowing what to say confuses me.

  • pucksandpups


    I have few friends. Maintaining lots of friends is hard

  • Cloudlight


    I have one very close friend and a girlfriend who is very kind and supportive! I do wish I had more people to reach out to in situations where I need support but both of them happen to be busy, but overall I'm satisfied with experiencing most of my socialization at work and with my close circle. My gf's family is also very inclusive of me so I get to enjoy their company when I'm up for it!

  • Chirp


    I'm generally close with 1 person at a time. Recently 'traded' a best friend for a boyfriend. The space in between each person though is a little odd. I'm happy then, but it's weird to be the person that everyone like, but isn't anyone's first choice

  • selky


    i feel like im mentally doing better because ive been unmasking and being more me but ive been having a harder time finding and keeping friends :(

  • SereneRuby


    I have no friends because I didn't keep them and now that I'm an adult idk how to talk to ppl. They all think I'm weird.

  • Ena_Silvoc


    My 2 closest friends that live near me are upset with me and the only friendships I seem to be able to maintain are my online ones. I don't even know how to approach the situation. To wait for them to apologize for making assumptions or me to apologize for making them feel bad.

  • aloi


    i don't have friends sadly but i have online mutuals on social media that share the same interests as me and it makes me feel a tiny bit less lonely

  • may_Bea


    Not great if I'm being honest. I'm quite bad at maintaining friendships and also I tend to gravitate towards people that aren't the kindest. I have a few primarily online right now though and they seem to want to be friends still so that's good.

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