is there other option then medicine

Graves' Disease

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  • Desperanza


    From discussions with my doctor medicine is the head lining treatment however if your symptoms and thyroid monitoring show higher numbers I have heard removing the thyroid can be an option however you will then go on medication for the rest of your life.

  • shannell


    Can you remove half of your thyroid

    • Desperanza


      Not that I know of.

  • LuckyinFlorida


    The three treatments that are conventional for Graves’ are anti-thyroid meds, thyroid removal, and radioactive ablation of the thyroid. In the US, the radioactive ablation is the most common. In many cases, the medications don’t work well long-term and the side effects become too extreme for patients to stay in them, so then the ablation is usually recommended from the doctor. Partial ablations have been done, but this does not work well for long, and some patients will become hyperthyroid again. Doctors will tell us that this disease is easy to treat, but it is not, it is very complex. Graves’ patients have been left with few and horrible options. I have been living with untreated Graves’ for three years, and am trying the functional medicine approach to identify a root cause rather than symptom control. I am not sure I will have a favorable outcome though, and may have to choose one of the three options above. Good luck. It is nice to hear from people who have the same questions on their mind.

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