Any suggestions for alternative medicine for fibromyalgia. I've been on 2 anti depressants and now they tried Lyrica and i had a really bad reaction to it. The only thing that seems to help me thus far is marijuana. i try to get my work done asap and then smoke so i can be out of pain. i don't like being high all the time though so I'm interested in trying CBD or micro dosing to help on days when i don't wanna be high just to be out of pain. any suggestions?? I've hear Kratom?? i think before but i don't know much about it. I'm also taking Tumeric supplements and damiana to help with sex drive. Haven't noticed a difference yet though. Any and all suggestions are welcome. I'm tired of changing medications just to end up with negative thoughts or the beginnings of hallucinations.

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • RedCollar15


    I haven't researched enough about Kratom yet to rec one way or another. Edibles, though, have been a fabulous way for me to microdose cannabis! My tolerance is usually 2.5 or 5 mg THC for the day as a microdose that I can still function with, but absolutely explore and find your dose. Low dose gummies are my way to go (I get 10mg and cut into 1/4, sometimes even 1/8 and take one piece to start) but there's a variety out there. CBD takes a while to have much effect other than sleep for me, but ymmv. I used sublingual drops and would recommend staring slow with them.

    • RiotRiley18


      thanks so much i will try to get my hands on some gummies. I live in TN so medical isn't even legal so delta 8 is about all i have access to

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