i was diagnosed with my first official seizure on sunday and have continued to have them and to say the least, i'm exhausted. after a couple days of seizing several times a day they finally prescribed me on antiseizure meds and i seem to be doing better with them but god, am i tired all the time. anyone else just absolutely wrecked after a convulsive seizure?



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  • Walking_Library


    Convulsive seizures exhaust the body. I’ve been having them for 15 years and after each one I’m still exhausted. The best way to recover from a seizure in my opinion, is doing nothing. Sleep, eat, maybe try working a little from home if you feel like it. Your body needs time to reset and relax. But if you have to continue working and can’t take a break, make sure you get adequate breaks and a lot of sleep. I recommend also finding a therapist who specializes in medical trauma. Having someone that you can turn to and cry about how much the seizures exhaust you and get in the way of your life can do wonders. Medicine wise, I’ve been on zonisamide for a couple years and I really like it. The side effects are minimal for most people and for me personally it has doubled as an antidepressant. It makes it easy to bounce back when I’m not stuck in my head after a seizure.

  • Momma_84


    Rest an sleep is tge best thing after a seizure. It usually takes me couple days after a seizure to feel normal (as normal as I can feel)again an go on with my life.

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