Does anyone else have problems hearing voices and the meds aren't working?

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • RiverDance45


    There’s really no meds that will taken away the voices completely. You have to learn to block the voices out and refocus your attention elsewhere. Easier said then done I know.

  • SunnyJoy


    I try to tune into them and hear them out (within reason). Usually they go away once I've heard what my psyche is whispering or yelling at me. Or I'll put in music and try to drown out the noise. There are supplements that might make your meds more or less effective, depending on what you're taking. Have you started taking anything different?

    • mswatsername31


      no same meds as always. No new supplements.

  • Emo_tional_Guy


    I heard from someone else that when you take a certain medication for a long period of time the effects can weaken so you might need to change meds

  • PeneloPop


    Personally, I report every little think to my psychiatrist. For me it's mostly as simple as increasing or decreasing milligrams of this med or that. Sometimes adding a med or changing one. Usually I get a blood test to see if there is wiggleroom to alter dose while staying in therapeutic window. You need to know what doesn't feel right to you. It's important

  • Easterbunny



  • londa


    I agree with the ones meds help to tune out yet I have to find the source. It could be as simple as my breath or a dog barking in the neighborhood.

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