My boss: don't be afraid to tell me when you're having problems

me: I'm in a lot of pain, so if it's possible to lose me, I'd appreciate it if I could go home early.

my boss: so actually we've noticed you've been having issues every single day, so we may have to consider demoting you. don't worry, you can come tell me when you're having issues. 🙃

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Chronic Pain

Malaise & Fatigue

Chronic Generalized pain

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Nies


    I’m so sorry. Ugh.

  • Turtle.bird


    I’m so sorry, I’ve had a similar experience. Unfortunately sometimes people just say things to make themselves feel like a “good” person. Know that your pain is valid and needing more sick days or to leave early more frequently doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy or good at your job

    • Entropyluna


      this really means a lot to hear. I ended up going off on my manager because she brought it back up later, and told her how mad I was and that what she told me was ableist (make sure you're taking care of yourself off the clock). She ended up apologizing, and it seemed sincere to me. I have a lazier week next week, and two doctor appointments so hopefully I'll be better after a couple of weeks anyway

  • whicheveroneiam


    I’ve found if you just begin to say “well according to the Americans with disabilities act…” or reference any other type of legislation like that and then just start saying whatever you need to most able bodied people panic and accommodate you better is it honest? no. Do I care ever a little? Not at all. ❤️

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