If anyone would like to chat about their current hyperfixations, please feel free to message me any time!

I'm always reading or watching movies. I'd love to share my own and hear about what brings you joy!

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • thisismyfunnickname


    Another special interest I have is psychology! Specifically personality disorders, but I also enjoy physical disorders, neuroscience, and pharmaceuticals! I like tonresearch what medicine does to you, and figure out what the natural chemicals/hormones in your body do to you and how they're affected when you're on medicine! I haven't done too much research on the medicine part, but I'm basically a walking DSM-V when it comes to personality disorders. I just don't stop reading up!

    • Rainage


      that’s cool, I’m actually a psych major in college so I have a lot of the same hyper-fixations, haha

    • Zoinks


      That's very cool! I enjoyed studying psychology as well and still read up on it from time to time to keep informed. A lot of my conditions bleed together and symptoms overlap, so staying informed is very important.

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