what are good ways to cope?

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • emptytank


    When I first got clean and couldn't deal without calling the plug I'd try to sleep the cravings off - and it worked! I guess it depends what you're coping with, but maybe take a shower (it's hard to get the energy up first but feels so much better after), do makeup or nails if you're into that kind of thing, watch a tv program (throwbacks are very comforting for me), I love fidget toys so much too. Keep trying different healthy methods until you find something that sticks. I hope you feel better soon ❤️

  • kid_tay_kat


    Thank you so so much… I can’t tell you how much that means to me… it’s been 10 days now so it’s mental at this point.. the worst part is my mom is also my plug so being sober and not wanting to tempt myself (but at the same time not wanting to hurt my mom’s feelings since I’m the only person who hasn’t cut her off) has been really tough. But I am proud of myself for not feeling guilted into calling her more often than I can handle and I am thinking / planning on having a conversation with her about how I’m trying to be and stay sober and it’s really hard to do that with her in my life at this point in time…

    • emptytank


      that sounds so rough to have your mom as a plug, my mom's DOC has always been alcohol so I've never been in those exact shoes, but parents with substance abuse problems aren't the awesomest. So many congrats on 10 days, that's huge!! ❤️

  • kid_tay_kat


    Also it’s ironic you brought up makeup and stuff cause really that’s been helping me a lot.. seriously thank you.

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