I'm concerned about being on an ADHD medicine long term. I am taking Adderall at the moment. Has anyone come across some good studies that study the long term affect of Adderall?

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  • LilOly


    I am also concerned, to a degree, but the difference in my quality of life is insane. I no longer feel like I'm failing myself and my family. I was forgetful, moody, unmotivated/hyperfocused motivation. I am still working on developing my skills, actively, in therapy, but to say that Adderall hasn't taken me from just surviving to thriving, would be a complete lie. I am more even keel. I don't get as much done in a day as I did on my "peak ADHD" days, but I am consistently crossing things off my brain dump list daily.

    • LSneiderwine


      I tried Adderall but it didn't seem to do much except make me extremely irritable.

  • CrohnsyPoo


    I've read some things, but I've been on Concerta for 5 years, 24 mg. I think the side effects of not taking my meds would be worse than what I've read online.

    • LSneiderwine


      I agree. I've been on Vyvanse for at least 5 years and it's helped quite a bit but now I'm afraid I've built up a tolerance to it. I'm on the highest dose so I'm probably going to have to try something new.

  • ToastyToast


    Even with my medication not working well at the moment, it still takes me from not being able to focus at all to being able to remember to drink fluids. It helps me remember to do self care things that I wouldn't remember to do on my own.

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