I just wish I had a friend with DID near me. Even with online resources and a supportive partner and therapist, I feel so alone all the time like nobody else gets it.

I find myself drawn to certain tiktokers and forming parasocial bonds with them. I know it's unhealthy because some of our system often forget that we've never hung out with them or met them or even had a message exchange with them.

I just want a friend I guess is my point.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    our discord is trash.incorporated#5714 if you wanna be friends :]

    • mia.lilli


      I appreciate that. I'll try to figure it out and join

  • Crystalline_System


    You can message us

  • Radios


    Yeah I totally understand. My DMs are open if you just want someone to talk to. Maybe try using apps like Hinge or Bumble to find potential friends in your or other apps that have friend options.

  • reyna0525


    Did I had for all my life. If you ever need to talk shoot me a message

  • AnimalCollective


    If you truly need a friend, we're up for being your friend! Our discord is Bvzz Bvzz!!#1155 , our DMs are always open!:)

  • Zzack53


    Hey if you want to talk our Instagram is Zzack53

  • Haiylee


    Well be your friend!

  • 1ndigen0uS


    We can chat if you have Discord! My tag is 1ndigen0uS#0729

  • BlueCreature


    We will be here for you

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