in still early on and not on hormones yet. once I start can they change my sexuality any? like I'm not into sex at all but I'm still romantic and like holding and kissing sand such... is there a chance that hormones change this? I'm kindof scare of how they will effect me and my doctor just says we will talk about it when we get there.. my adhd cause me to fixate on thing and this is my new fixation...

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  • 404errormessage


    very possibly yes! i'm transmasc but that was totally my experience. (2.5 years on HRT. the major physical and emotional shifts happened in the first 10 months or so.) and being scared is totally normal. i've heard that it's super common (and true for me as well) that most people aren't 100% confident in their decision to start HRT until after their first dose. it's a scary decision! but sooo fun. good luck !!

    • Pikachu_girl


      thanks, I still have some time to go as my I'm being required to wait 3 more months before I can get it anyways. I've been ACE for so long that I'm just not sure I want to have that be changed... At least yet. Are there anything you notice right away? Any issue I might need to also think about?

  • jam064


    I'm transmasc and ace. I've been on T for 5 years now and I started noticing changes in 4ish months, but that was primarily related to my voice. But even after 5 years, my asexuality hasn't changed exactly. My sex drive just increased a bit, but I'm still not attracted to anyone. I just feel the need to masterbate more often. I'm also sex neutral now, rather than sex repulsed. All that said, none of it was immediate. It built slowly enough that I almost didn't notice it. There was no dramatic change. It's unlikely (note, not impossible) that any big changes will occur before you're sure you want to continue hormones. Because of that I could have stopped without issues if it had become something that bothered me. And the changes in my sex drive were helpful for me. They helped me be more comfortable/confident in my body without making me feel like I needed to involve anyone else. I am totally with you though. I was scared it would change my sexual attraction and I didn't want that. I was too uncomfortable in my own body to even think about being attracted to anyone. But as my confidence in my body grew, my fear of being attracted to someone lessened. Good luck!

    • Pikachu_girl


      thanks for the the detailed post. My mind has been eased a bit. I still will jump at the chance to take them. I think

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