Do hemangiomas effect your everyday life?


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  • wise


    yes because mine is in my spine 🙃

  • BrittDawn


    Yes, I have had one straight migraine for 4 months now. The only reason the found I had the hemangiomas of the skull was due to the migraine

    • wise


      I've had a migraine for almost 9 years! I wonder if it could be related to my hemangioma even tho it's not in a place in my spine that usually causes head or neck problems

  • BrittDawn


    Mine are pushing on my brain. But all of the nervous system is connected. Have they checked your brain for possibly any other hemangiomas?

    • wise


      not since the one in my spine was discovered a few years after my migraine started, although I had a brain MRI queued up before I lost insurance 🙃

      • BrittDawn


        😥 I understand that all too well.

  • EeW


    Yes I suffer from Chronic pain from a Hemangioma in my leg. I use modilty aids 24/7 and rely on others on bad days and to do everyday tasks like shopping. But once you find the thing that help u life’s good.

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