Guys, please tell me I'm not going crazy....

I swear there is a memory buried in my mind from my childhood of a pitch black room, a bright screen showing the "Slenderman song" video on someone's phone. I think it's a guy's phone, like someone is showing me the video, since it's not my hand. I can't see the skin color because it's too dark to show any features and the bright glare doesn't help, but at the time I was like 8 and didn't have big hands. In the upper left corner of my vision you can see the window of my old trailer window, the silhouette of the old willow tree contracting the light once more. No one else seems to remember it but I know there was another person there. It was the first time I was introduced to anything horror related and it opened a whole new interest for me so it's a solid memory, not hazy like the others.

I remember feeling scary, by the idea of Slenderman, but safe. It's warm the room but it's stormy outside. I knew the person who is showing me the video, and he's laughing. But the laugh in the memory changes a little every time. There's a brief flash of lightning but you don't hear any thunder, only music from the video going "Slenderman, Slenderman, dressed in darkness suit and tie..."

The laugh sounds like my oldest brother's - we used to get along very well and I still miss him. I'm not allowed to see him since he was kicked out. No matter how far or close the laugh seems, it's his.

Tell me I'm not insane please???


Maladaptive Daydreaming

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  • Sarya


    Omg I hate when fake memories happen. I had a memory of being able to like kick my legs in circles so much that I hovered and I could’ve sworn it was real until I realized gravity exists. (Elementary school

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