Dang it, so I figured out I definitely don't wanna be female (sometimes I do but I wanna be a boy for the bigger part of life) and now I'm wearing three sports bras tryin' to flatten my chest but it's not really working :/ and i can't wear my lovely little gender affirming jacket since I'm visiting a really hot state rn to see family, I already asked my mom for a binder and I might ask again soon but it's not going to help the present, any suggestions?

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  • AnimalBoy


    Do you have any access to any vests or button ups that you like? You could layer two sports bras for binding, a slightly baggy t shirt, and a vest or button up to help hide/masculinize your frame a bit.

    • Alexandros


      noted, Imma note this down

  • stingray


    Like the other commenter said, getting a shirt a size bigger is a lifesaver. Slouching can help hide your chest, but make sure to do it in moderation because it can mess with your posture and circulation. Try to get a binder as soon as possible and I wish you the best of luck!

  • Riji


    agree with the other advice, and also I really feel you, I'm a newly discovered nonbinary who suddenly hates their chest now, and of course it has to be summer >< anxiously awaiting my binder in the mail

  • Skubb


    Try wearing a sports bra with another one that's backwards on top? I've heard that works well

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