I hate feeling so codependent. It's as if I can't do anything for myself without getting lost or confused, or messing things up.

Anyone relate or have advice?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Rokka


    Don't worry, I feel you. I'm constantly bothering my parents or asking questions about things, they reply with making me feel worthless or annoying, but my parents are mean so if anybody is mean bc you want help or you're confused don't give them a second thought okay :). Also I get confused so much, just take time to collect your thoughts or even ask a friend or somebody for advice, find a supportive group of friends, or go to your partner(they love you for a reason!) Alot of stuff you're feeling and going through are things alot of others go through too! Remember that you're not alone with this

  • ArouraBorialice


    I specifically try to have a couple different methods for tracking todos and whatnot so I can use whichever one appeals to me for the day

    • Rokka


      that's good!! I couldn't get into doing that, I always forget about the paper or notes even if it was in front of me lol. But don't worry, everybody need help and confirmation sometimes:) you don't need to worry about stuff, asking for help and being confused is normal

  • akaforrest


    no man is an island

  • Duckyqueen123


    If I get confused I ask my Mom to help me that's why my mom makes all my doctors appointments 😂☺️

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