I've been suffering very badly for a month and a half with plantar fasciitis recently diagnosed on my other foot and so now I have it in both feet. There was times I couldn't walk at all from the pain. I'm going to physical therapy twice a week and I have to do stretches 3 times a day now and use tennis balls, pain meds and pain cream, good shoes and inserts, icing, and I'm trying to do everything to get better. going for short walks now but my heal still hurts. because I was walking funny the osteoarthritis in my knees acted up and putting extra weight on my other foot sprained my other foot with plantar fasciitis. I had to take two weeks medical leave from my job. but I am back to work. I am improving but my physical therapist said plantar fasciitis flair ups can last up to 9 months!

plantar fasciitis

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    I even had a cortisone shot in my heel and it only helped a little bit. I am having to get a cortisone shot in my knee too.

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