what are different boundaries I should set in a relationship and with everyone? how do I do that?

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  • sillyashell


    Setting boundaries is dependent upon what you yourself are uncomfortable with. I'd suggest setting them after you realize something someone has done has already crossed a boundary, so that the person in question knows an example of what is crossing the boundary. For example, if you don't like being touched without being asked and if someone touches you without asking you, you can say that you would appreciate if they ask first instead. I think that they remember better then. Sometimes it's hard to know what your boundaries are if they've been disrespected for most of your life. That's a process I'm trying to go through myself, but sometimes you can tell if you feel uncomfortable after someone says/does something that crosses the boundary.

  • TheUglyDuckling


    Be your own advocate and communicate. Express your needs and concerns. If you don’t like something or have a wish or request make it known. And stick to your truth no matter what bc people will be selfish and not listen sometimes. Know your truth and don’t let people tell you who you are when you simple know in your heart that not to be true.

  • jjsunshine


    i, personally, have realized that my "bubble" is a lot larger than most. more times than not, people will stand a lot closer to me than i would prefer. i even tend to need a seat between me and a person, even if we've been best friends for years. at my house, i have a way of combatting this. always have one or two blankets wrapped around you. if it is wrapped around me, then i don't feel as much need to have a larger bubble as i had without it. and, just generally talking to your partner about how large your personal bubble is can sometimes help

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