I was diagnosed a week ago...pretty close to the hour, actually. Last night, for the first time since then, I vomited. I am sure it was dinner. It's hard, not knowing what will/won't affect me. Apparently a bunless burger seasoned with MSG and au gratin potatoes and a sweet (Hawaiian) roll are bad news! Yay, I learned something? I did manage to only vomit once, but even that once (and even before) wiped me out. I fell asleep on the sofa before anyone else (exact opposite of normal), and have spent today mostly sitting or sleeping. If I stand very long, I start feeling sick again. I asked my husband to grab my favorite Jamba Juice on his way home. All I've had today was a mini cup of yogurt. I think today's dinner plan is pizza. 😔 This is truly SO MUCH WORSE than when I was dx'd with type 1 diabetes!!



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  • PrincessLavendar


    Pizza is one of the worst foods for me, I throw up every time I eat it. Anything greasy, fatty, rich, spicy. I will get sick and throw up every time. I also can’t eat raw veggies, or anything high fiber or I get sick and land myself in a huge flair. I tend to eat what my stomach can acquire, without getting too irritated.

  • 1stMayflowers


    Yes, I was so scared of pizza! We had quesadillas the other day, and it seemed to both me more than other things so far, though didn't actually make me sick. So, last night I ate a slice very carefully, and was ok. I eventually ate another, too. I think the first thing I ate once home was actually fried chicken, of all things! When I was pregnant, and having sickness, I often wanted the worst foods. Tacos, fried stuff...I tend to be on the weird or backwards side of things, medically. I developed a condition common in pregnant women--but not until the day AFTER I gave birth. Caffeine doesn't wake me up, but can be calming when stressed. It looks like too much beef will be difficult for me though. That burger did me in, and the last time I ate one, before being dx'd, I was also sick. But a piece or two of jerky seems fine. It's really confusing.

  • Rachelliz


    I am only able to tolerate liquids, purée food and alkaline water. Oh and I found ONE protein shake mix that is safe for gastroparesis from Drink Wholesome. I can tolerate mini muffins in the middle of the night and an occasional bowl of corn flakes, but only flaxseed milk. Oh and I can eat outshine grape popsicles. Baby food has been quite helpful. Sometimes soft foods like apple sauce, spaghettiOs, mashed potatoes and canned carrots.

  • Bassfather


    I learned the hard way that my diet needs to be less than 3grams of dietary fiber per day. I eat mashed potatoes without the skin that I make and also plain baked chicken. Steamed carrots. White rice. Banana smoothies with oatmilk (high in fiber so I have to be careful but I can’t do dairy anymore) When you we’re diagnosed was is mild, moderate, severe or very severe?

  • 1stMayflowers


    I was told nothing about severity when dx'd. I have a permanent anger at the doc who told me. He used a very discouraging tone, kept running a hand through his greasy hair and looking down, and then discharged me WITHOUT TELLING ME. My nurse and especially the nutritionist seemed flustered at the speed, and said the doctor had said I needed to leave quickly. As if it was MY idea. I had gone 3 days with no food and very little water (I did eat, but very little, and mostly liquids), had extremely low BP and fast heart rate that were still iffy (though MUCH improved), and my husband was gone at the time. He only arrived before I got kicked out by chance, and we had no idea I was going home. I didn't even have a shirt!!

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