I’m really nervous for the holidays. I really don’t want to be around so much food. I don’t want to eat but showing that in front of the whole family is basically impossible. I know if I eat I’m gonna feel so guilty and cry. Just the thought of it makes me wanna cry.

Bipolar 2 disorder


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  • ina


    i'm sorry that you're going through this, it must be hard & must hurt to have this controlling you. i used to have an ED but i realized i didn't want to spend my life hating myself and restricting myself from the things i love. it's really hard, but caring for yourself and letting yourself eat "unhealthy" things sometimes is better than starving and then binge eating.

  • blokeo


    I’m so sorry you feel that way. Food is nothing to worry about, and I know at the moment those may seem like empty words but its true. The holidays provide time of togetherness and bonding, oftentimes over food. Just try to focus on your family and forming memories, and try to distract yourself from any guilt. Again, I realize this is easier said then done, I’ve been where you are.

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