Hi I’m new to this app and I’m ready to find out different information and ways that can help me . Any information that you have will be greatly appreciated. I am currently battling fibromyalgia chronic migraine and anxiety and depression

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  • Chesbro99


    It looks like your already on meds so that's great. Other then that is just about taking it easy. Takes breaks with chores and other things you do. I have pain creams that help a lot when things get bad, like blue emu. Stretch, even if it's just one or two a day, just keeping your body moving in some small way helps to not get stiff.

  • Lavendar_Sapphire


    Ice eye masks or forehead wraps help my migraines so much. I never knew that cold would help until one day my husband gave me an ice pack. They have Velcro or elastic so it can just stick to my head without me worrying about it. The best thing I’ve done for my fibromyalgia is allow myself to rest and push away any guilt about it. I feel like it’s so hard to prioritize rest over other things- but giving my body the rest it was screaming for has helped a lot. I am trying to start to get back into gentle Yoga.

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