Hello, I am new on here. I have had anxiety/panic attacks since grade school. I went through some traumatic things later in life and went on sertraline 25mg and it really helped me cope for a few years. I am now 40 and the past 7 months o have had my heart racing in my sleep and wake up with my HR at around 120-135 BPM. I then throw myself into a panic attack and end up calming down enough to go back to sleep. I have a higher HR in the day when doing regular activities like cleaning and my BPM range from 119-125. I have a resting HR around 85-95bpm. I just wondered if anyone has experienced palpitations in the middle of their sleep and is it normal?


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  • Servivor


    Hi pris .. My name is Kenny. 52.. I've had that with the cold sweats. For years. A friend of myne suggested to try yoga for my anxiety and stress after i got checked out by my dr. First. It helped fantastically. I'm on the same meds and dosage for 2 years. Also drink a glass of water before, yes before going to bed. For me I was doing better in abount 3 to 4 weeks. God bless, you'll be fine. Your not alone.

  • A66y


    I have the same symptoms at night but I am taking BP med and drink lots of water and losing weight. No more caffeine, low salt, and low cholesterol foods.

  • Sha2828


    I am also experiencing the same symptoms, I’ll wake up sound sleep heart racing and dizzy. I’ve had multiple tests on my heart done they can’t find anything.



    - Thanks, your profile is more similar to my grandson's dilemma . Send us/ Gma more feedback, God Bless...Amen ?

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