Hello, I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidsm. Just started medication about a month ago, prior to this my weight was normal before medication, however now I am gaining alot of water water weight. Is that normal? My thyroid level are still very low even with medication

Edema & Anasarca


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  • CWMoss


    It takes awhile to feel right and get the medication correct. Water weight is temporary. I thought it was great that I didn’t sweat but not for long. Good luck!

    • Brigdee


      thank you! I was very worrried, I have pitting edema 😬. My skin will indent when I pressed it. Scared that something else is happening.

  • Pinklolita


    Your going to feel better and lose weight as soon as your medicine begins to work

  • BrownEyedGirl723


    I’m just like you! Recently diagnosed and still feel like crud! Brain fog. Fatigue. Weight gain. I have been on meds 2 months now with 1 dosage increase. I get it. Ugh. I hope the meds can give us all some relief soon. I had to go keto because carbs and sugar make me feel Worse!

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