hey guys! anyone out there with quiet/discouraged BPD? i tend to direct a lot of my anger inwards at my own expense & want to know what coping mechanisms/treatments y’all recommend. every day the anger gets harder to control and im afraid i’ll relapse or break my phone again bc i want to punch a wall! thanks and stay safe fam 💓

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • XueXian


    Hello. I also have quiet BPD. But I don't know any coping mechanism or treatments. I want to know too 😥

  • DarkMagician


    This will sound cheesy but I sometimes watch a video of Mr Rogers. I have a quiet BPD and when I am in a heightened emotional state my self worth is gone, self esteem trash, and I have a strong urge to not want to live anymore due to immense shame. In Mr Rodgers’s show he is always congratulates the audience for being themselves and he’s grateful that you’re here with him as your are. He talks to your inner child and let it knows that you’re accepted as you are. I am shedding one tear as I write this. I hope it helped. Here’s a video Okay I am actually crying and smiling watching this video.

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