Anyone have recommendations for protein powder (for smoothies)? Or protein in general. I struggle more with the preparation that goes into cooking than anything else (my hands give me trouble)

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • Pastel_bb

    267d has a good plant based protein!

  • Donkeyfarts


    I like Kate Farms nutrition shakes. They’re pricey but are great total meal replacements that don’t taste awful.

    • InconclusiveResults


      I second this--Kate Farms has the best shakes and they do not upset my stomach!

  • wise


    I think the company is called Vega? They have a "protein and greens" blend that comes in a few different flavors. My partner and I have the chocolate one and it tastes incredible, although it does smell exactly like Timothy hay you'd feed a rabbit

  • Molly_Jo_Or_Mojo


    I used benecalorie and duocal and I order it on Amazon. They are flavorless so you can add both practically to ANYTHING and as far as Kate farms goes I got three free cases from my dietician but I feel like personally they taste terrible and the duocalorie and benecalorie have helped me at least maintain weight and what not

  • mamaDubbs


    If you can have milk my favorite is premier protein shakes. But if you are milk free then I like plant-based Vega powder or garden of life protein powder. Garden of life is less expensive and I like the chocolate flavor.

  • mamaDubbs


    Also to get more protein in general peanut butter is a good high calorie way to get it (if you can tolerate) and I like to buy pre-cooked chicken strips instead of having to cook myself.

  • Emily2


    I tend to buy the peanut butter protein powders. Basically just powdered peanut butter but with some added protein. I think they taste the best. Obviously not a great option if you have a nut allergy.

  • Natti1076


    No nut allergies but avoid dairy and am GF !

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