Does anyone else experience quite a bit of brain fog? For a long time I thought it was just a me thing but I’m starting to think it’s partially because sleepiness.

Cataplexy & Narcolepsy

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  • Tumorboy98


    I experience brain fog as well. The other day I completely forgot how to tie my shoes for a few minutes

  • IcecreamMoon


    I absolutely experience brain fog too and sometimes it’s really embarrassing and frustrating because I’m in the middle of work and it just happens out of nowhere and I end up seeming so forgetful when really it’s just the stupid narcolepsy

  • madsc


    I’ve noticed the more stressed or anxious I am, the more brain fog I experience. So, I have tried to focus more on treating my stress and anxiety rather than the narcolepsy. I brought up brain fog and stress to my physician and he noted that it is completely normal. The more stress you are under the less motivated you can be and therefore be more tired. He recommended doing more meditation or go on a walk to take a break from whatever the stressor is (in my case, work).

  • Gadie


    The more I research I’m starting to think the brain fog might be micro naps. It explains why sometimes I will have no idea what I did all day.

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