I love love love hydroxyzine for helping with panic attacks, especially because it’s so fast acting. I know you’re not supposed to take it every day, but I feel like i’ve tried so many medications and hydroxyzine is the only one that helps me function. knowing that i’m not going to break out into a panic attack in public because of hydroxyzine, helps a lot mentally. I’m just struggling to try something that’s for everyday and I feel like i’m running out of choices :/


Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • AMCR825


    I think it’s alright to take it everyday. My doctor prescribed it to me to be taken at bed and up to twice more a day. Taking it regularly really helped me get out of an awful period I’d been in for a year. I’m just starting to taper off to twice some days after 8 weeks.

  • zonezero


    im on it for a different reason—migraines. BUT i was briefly on vistaril (which is hydroxyzine) for anxiety and it never personally helped

  • QuinnS


    Yes just used it for a really bad panic attack the other day. Don’t love the hungover, foggy head I get the rest of the following day though..

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