Hi so I’ve been having this reoccurring illness that includes a headache stuffy nose and or mucus in the throat slightly sore low energy chills sometimes but never a fever or anything and I’ve been to the dr and I got nothing and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this so maybe next time I see a dr I can throw things out there maybe it’s a reoccurring cold but I kinda doubt that


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  • Bandit_2012


    You might have sinus issues or bad allergies

  • Caprim


    I get this minus chills and fever and it’s my severe allergies. I’m allergic to literally everything all my animals and outdoors after having my daughter.

  • Nashville


    I have it all the time and I have sinusitis

    • Sunnirie


      is there any at home remedies I could try to help it or medicine I could purchase?

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