Do other people with MG have a negative Musk antibody test?? What treatments are you on or have taken in the past??


Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

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  • DeMoonlight


    Sorry. I can’t help with that. I am seropositive. I haven’t taken a musk or even SFEMG. I had blood work and started right on mestinon. Then a few months later prednisone. Then a few months later cellcept. And now I’m starting vyvgart. I was diagnosed 6/2019.

  • willowdiamond


    I am sero neg and I have gamaguard infusion every 3 weeks with decadron to help with side affects

  • cabbage


    I don't have any antibodies and the doctor first wanted me to start mestinon then she wanted me to try the. Prednisone and. Then she wanted me to try the ivig ,all of these meds gave me a reaction like swelling in my face ,itchyness ,vomiting ,and others ,I can't do any of this ,so what else. Is there for me to try ,I just want to get better and. Be able to do things like before ,what else is there for her to try me on other than these

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