My dad died last October, and during that time I’ve gained 60 pounds. It’s hard to believe and I never though I’d weigh this much. The difficult part is having hypothyroidism; it’s so easy to gain but so hard to lose weight.
I was wondering if anyone who has or knows someone with hypothyroidism has any tips when it comes to losing weight.

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  • HisWillNotMine


    I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I too have used food to comfort me and put on a lot of weight. I have had T1 diabetes and hypothyroidism for years. Always been overweight. In 2017 I got serious about my health. Started fasting then eventually started walking and worked my way up to 6-8 miles a few days a week. I definitely had lots of set backs but by Nov 2019 I had lost 75 lbs. Unfortunately it was long after that my health really declined. I gained all the weight back from no longer being able to be physically active as well as comfort eating, which I'm still struggling with. But fasting really works wonders

  • Jessie14


    Yeah what is with that!? I literally flustered 15 pounds every other week! One week I’ll lose it and the next I’ll gain it back! Let me know if u find any solutions! If I were you though I would maybe seek out an endocrinologist and see what they might be able to do for you

    • MissWilwarin


      I have an appointment with a new one closer to me, but it isn’t until November. I’ve talked to my primary doctor about it, but because of the seizure meds I’m on, any pills to help me lose weight could cause a negative interaction.

      • Jessie14


        shucks! I’m so sorry! I hope you get some answers soon!

  • Rambo


    Google benefits of ketogenic diet and/or drinking coconut water daily which will lead you to fasting taking away your appetite. Coconut water turns ketones into energy not wanting to each much. It was incredible for me. I had lost 45 pounds and no more back pain. After awhile you get used to not eating much.

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