Does anybody else like hear voices in sounds? For example, I’m camping this weekend and three people are still partying outside with a speaker talking but i’m hearing distant chatter of people who aren’t even there also just chattering.
On a more everyday occurrence I’ll be like going about my day and think I hear someone talking to me that I know (like a friend or my sisters voice, etc) in the air conditioning sound or the wind outside or random sounds like that.


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  • Deathfuffy


    Yes. I seem to hear voices more around me when watching tv or listening to music. I always think people are around me. People screaming or baby crying is a big one for me.

  • Newtworthy


    Oh yes, I hear like background chattering

  • OCDSchizo


    Any time I hear a tapping sound or a car horn beeping it sounds like it's trying to say something to me.

  • hairyfairy


    Sometimes I think the wind is trying to tell me something and I can make out words

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