So according to my therapist I have complex PTSD. Is crying over a childhood memory like my brother getting beat. Is that apart of it ? I also think about how my dad told me he wanted to off himself a lot. And I cry about not being close to my dad etc.

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • wannabeaWortortle


    Yes. People can often be triggered by childhood experiences they had no control over, where they or someone they love were unsafe. It sounds like your dad parentified you, that he told you things a child didn't know how to process. CPTSD can cause distress about interpersonal relationships, so being sad about not having the type of relationship you want with your parent makes a lot of sense

  • AndThereSheGoes


    You lived in a constant state of trauma with moments of standout events like your brother. It's definitely part of it and I promise you'll be able to process and move past it. Have you tried EMDR? It's been very helpful for me.

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