anyone else with PCOS get cramps really high up in their back (around the kidney area)?? i’ve been to the ER a few times in the last couple years thinking something was wrong with my kidney, just for them to be fine (knock on wood). i’ve been told it’s gas pressing on my ovary that radiates up there bc of the cysts, but i’ve never heard of PCOS causing cramps that high 🥲

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

Abdominal Distention

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  • KatSmith


    I have this issue too, but haven't found anything, so if you do please let me know 🙏

  • Shelby1990


    Yes I do get upper back and lower back and abdominal pain really bad

  • alex2446


    Have you ever gotten checked out for gallstones by chance?

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